4 Decorating Tips for Your Hudson Yards Condominium

February 16th, 2018

Now that you’ve moved into your new Hudson Yards condominium, it’s time to put your own touch on your home. Here are 4 tips for getting the most out of your new Hudson Yards condominium.

Hudson yards condominiums

Try the three-color “rule”

While there’s definitely no rule, so to speak, for how you decorate your home, there is a decorating method that relies on the color theory that will make your Hudson Yards condominium stand out. Begin with any room and choose one primary color that you love or want in that room. Primary colors are: blue, red, or yellow. It can be any shade of one of these colors, for example, if you choose red, it can be dark burgundy-red or it can be a very light pinkish red. Once you have selected your main color, choose a complementary color based on the color wheel. Complementary colors are those colors that are directly across the wheel from the primary color you’ve chosen. Here is a list of the primary colors with their coordinating complements:

  • Red: Green
  • Blue: Orange
  • Yellow: Purple

Another option that works well is to pair the primary color with what’s called a tertiary color. This is the color right next to the complementary color. So, for example instead of pairing blue with orange, you could put it with red-orange or yellow-orange instead. This color wheel will help. Now you have your two main colors for your Hudson Yards condominium room. The last color will be a neutral such as white, cream, beige, light tan, and so on.

Use a color theme throughout your home

Some people use the same three colors throughout their home but in varying shades. So, for example, if the colors were red, green, and cream, you could use a deep evergreen, garnet, and ivory in the living room. Then in the bedroom, you could go with a teal green, blush, and linen white. Using the three-color variation throughout your Hudson Yards condominium gives a sense of continuity.

Decide if you want symmetrical or asymmetrical designs

When decorating the walls and arranging the furniture in your Hudson Yards condominium, you can arrange items in a symmetrical manner or not. Symmetry refers to things being balanced on both sides. For example, if you have a large wall as a backdrop behind the couch, centering a large wall hanging above the couch or a smaller one with two matching items on either side of the picture gives the wall a balanced look. It is symmetrical. Symmetry in your decorating gives an orderly, traditional look. However, maybe you don’t like a harmonious look. Asymmetrical décor can create a modern look in your Hudson Yards condominium. Maybe you want to create a jarring look to provoke thought or conversation. Either one of these is perfectly doable. It just depends on what type of look you want.

Try plants

Plants are a wonderful way to bring some greenery and life to your Hudson Yards condominium. Large potted plants help decorate a lonely corner, while small delicate plants cheer up a window ledge. Use a variety of plants for color, texture, and the beauty it brings into your Hudson Yards condominium. Some plants such as aloe actually have healing properties as well. So, you not only beautify your Hudson Yards condominium but you bring health benefits too. Ivy type plants that grow up and around objects are fun to place in the right locations such as near a bookshelf or tall plant stand. The English Ivy is considered one of the best “air-filtering houseplants.” If you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that will add a dash of color to your Hudson Yards condominium then try the African Violet. This hardy plant is 3 to 16 inches wide and bears either purple, white, pink, or red blooms. The leaves are a velvety or hairy texture. These plants flourish with low light so you can place them in a room that doesn’t get much natural light, yet enjoy the springtime of foliage year round.

Once you’re all settled into your new Hudson Yards condominium, connect with us for more tips about your home.